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At Knowledge Tools, we are committed to providing quality online diagnostic tests as a tool to prepare students for future mathematics courses. As the Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project (MDTP) only supplies tests to California-based schools, Knowledge Tools was founded to extend the licensed MDTP tests to the entire country.

Why Choose Knowledge Tools?

For teachers, our online diagnostic platform provides easy to view analytics detailing students' math strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teachers have the resources to guarantee students' readiness and transition smoothly into college mathematics courses.

Administrators are provided with the MDTP resources and materials needed to direct departmental initiatives, guide informed decisions on policy, and provide adequate placement support.

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About David Wheelock

David Wheelock is the CEO of Knowledge Tools, bringing quality diagnostic tests to teachers across the US to elevate students’ mathematics learning.

David’s tech career began at IBM in 1979, where he worked as an Account Customer Engineer. He spent ten years with IBM, managing a territory of computer installations for several years before ultimately leading a sales team in Southern California. In 1990, he left the company to start his own business in application development.

In 2015, David started working with mathematics testing for the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP). MDTP tests are the industry standard for Common Core diagnostic testing in California, but at the time, they weren’t available in other states. So, David built Knowledge Tools to expand access to MDTP tests across the country.

Today, David looks forward to continuing to boost the adoption of diagnostic testing in schools, helping teachers assess their students’ math strengths and learning gaps and determine readiness for future math levels.

The MDTP Connection

Knowledge Tools would only exist with our fantastic partnership with the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP). The MDTP workgroup is comprised of expert educators from secondary classrooms, district and county programs, and the three California University systems. The Workgroup members are responsible for researching and developing the MDTP tests and materials.

I would especially like to recognize the Director of MDTP, Dr. Kimberly Samaniego, and Joshua Cho, MDTP Project Officer. The classroom experience, vision, and hard work brought by Kimberly and Joshua have made the MDTP/Knowledge Tools testing platform a great success!

- David Wheelock

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